Distribute the organic products to Asian countries

The Sangka organic soybean oil company is schedule to supply 70% of the products within the country and further 30% shall export to other countries in India, Bangladesh, Dubai and other Asian countries where Soya Products are commonly used. We will have a main joint venture distributor company in India, mainly to distribute the organic products to Asian countries. Few parties from Delhi, Kolkota, Dubai, Bangladesh and South Africa have shown their expression of interest on organic soyabean oil produce from Bhutan.

Our plan is also to capture nearby markets such as Airlines, railway stations and class A hotels in Kolkata, Delhi, Siliguri, Guwahati, Sikkim and Bangladesh.

The company will initially focus its sales within the vicinity of the establishment and to those places where more populations are centered and then to start a feasible study on a consumption pattern and feedbacks. A rigorous advertisement will be carried out on the advantages of soybean oil consumption. As the company gains maturity it would scale up its marketing area covering whole of Bhutan and even to neighboring countries.

Sangka expects that the business will aggressively expand during the first five years of operation. The firm will intend to implement marketing campaigns that will effectively target big shopping malls, retailers, and the general public within the target market.