About Us

Soy is a nutrient-dense source of protein

Bhutan has the potential to produce organic Soyabean domestically in abundance and Soybean plantations are popular in 6 eastern districts of Bhutan. Now with a modern sphere of living standard people adopt more of health conscious where we can avoid common diseases looking for the better solution.

In such situation M/s. Sangka Farm is establishing a Soya Products manufacturing Factory at Yaw-Ree, under Ngatshang gewog, Mongar Dzongkhag, to produce Organic Soya Oil, Organic Soya Flour, Organic Soya Nugget which is a new local product to our country although it is commonly used in other countries. These products provide multiple health benefits contributing to Relieve Sleep Disorders, Manage Diabetes, Improve Blood Circulation, Essential for Pregnancy, Healthy Bones, Healthy Digestion, Improves Heart Health, Anti-Cancer Properties, Weight Management.

The Company shall ensure to be sustainable production by considering the taste and preference of a customer and keep on updating with the change in time and technology and produce the production based on the demand by considering the socio-culture and religious aspect of the country, people and the society as a whole. Artistic here is referred as having or revealing creative skills in production, unique pricing strategy and this can be done by considering the marketability condition in the course of business. Therefore, a feasible place of business, good management, adequate capital structure, machinery and equipment, skilled labor, good transport mode and good HR management in appraising the employees are in due consideration to achieve organization goals and objectives in rendering good services to the public.

Project Benefits
The principal business of the project is to generate wealth out of the availability of natural resources which in turn contributes to the economic growth of a nation. Moreover, we try to explore the employment opportunities for the fulfillment of the unemployment problem or the crisis in a country as mentioned hereunder:

A large amount of Soya Oil, Soya Flour and Soya Nuggets consumption has creased every year in Bhutan for households, resorts, Therefore, the project “Establishment of organic Soya oil, Soya flour and Soya nuggets plant” is proposed to install at Yaw-Ree, under Ngatshang gewog, under Mongar dzongkhag preferring the best availability of quality Soya resources from different gewogs under 6 eastern dzongkhags. The main soybean oil plant shall establish at Yaw-Ree ( Sangka ) and will play a vital role in promotion, expansion, profitability and success of any business.

Besides each retail outlet in all most all the districts, Sangka Farm will have its main corporate office in capital Thimphu to cater and provide fast delivery services to the customers.